Duoyin Multi Hulusi Flute is a musical instrument designed and developed by Yazhi Guo, a cross-border wind player in China. It has been continuously tested and practiced for more than three years. It has been protected by a number of national patents. Duoyin Multi Hulusi Flute is manufactured and sold by Beijing Duoyin Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

At present, there are Duoyin S-1 and Duoyin T-1. Duoyin Multi Hulusi Flute is a revolutionary musical instrument. Its fingering method is based on the traditional 7-hole Hulusi. After a new design, it uses the method of double mouthed and multi pipe performance to broaden the range of Hulusi and realize unlimited possibilities of music. Compared with the conventional Hulusi, it has a wide range, can play harmony and polyphony, and is durable and easy to maintain.